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Do you buy books or movies?

Yes!!  GOOD CONDITION is key!

We offer cash or in-store credit for books as well as other items such as Blu-rays/DVD's, comics, and puzzles. Books must have their dust jackets (if they came with one), not be written in, torn, bent, split, or water damaged, and audio or video discs cannot be scratched or missing. Besides condition, we look at our inventory to see if it's something we need. We don't accept text books, magazines, maps, or travel guides.  If you are unsure, feel free to call us at (805) 922-4282.

We pay 15-20% of our sales price in cash or 40% of our sales price in store credit. Sometimes we pay more for collectibles.

Our price    = $10 (this is what we'll sell it for)
Your Credit = $4
or Cash       = $1.50 - $2

When can I bring my books by to sell or trade?

Customers bringing in general stock are welcome any day of the week, as always!

For more specialty items and large batches, the best days are Tuesday and Wednesday when the owner is in the store to go through them.  Our hours are 10am - 6pm on those days.    

I have a large quantity of books. What should I do?

When there are estates needing to get rid of large quantities of books, it's best to contact our owner, Darin Gabler, at the store.  We can set an appointment for him to come out and look at the collection before you spend the time boxing things up.

Do you carry new books?

Yes!  While the majority of our inventory is gently used, we receive new shipments of books at least twice per week, typically on Tuesday and Friday, but sometimes more frequently. 

Can I special order books from you?

Yes!  We would be happy to order any titles in print for you.  

If you are in the store, drop by the counter and we'll place your request in our Special Requests list. Usually we are able to offer a 10% or higher discount off the retail price.  You can pay for your book at the time of the order so that when it arrives, you only have to come by to pick it up.  Most often it only takes a few days to receive from our distributors.

We can also order books to be shipped to a friend or family member direct from the distributor (even gift-wrapped if needed) with a small shipping fee.  

Gavin's Books receives new shipments of books at least twice per week, typically on Tuesday and Friday, but sometimes more often. 
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